helping you design a beautiful modern home. more about our design approach

We design modern homes. Whether it’s a home for your family, your new business, or both –  we love to help craft beautiful spaces to support how you live. We approach things a bit differently that other design studios.


We know that we are not the hero of this story  –  you are. It’s your story, your new home, and we love helping you write the next chapter. We will always give you our honest feedback on all design decisions and provide reasoning for our opinion. However, if your new home was to win every design award but you didn’t feel listened to or understood – then we didn’t do our job.


We realize that building a home is a major investment, possibly the largest you may make. Your budget is not taken lightly and we take our task of providing a beautiful home within your budget very seriously. We also realize that the thought of undertaking such a process can seem overwhelming and stressful… but it doesn’t have to be. We provide clear communication and keep you updated at every step. Our goal at the end of the project is that you actually enjoyed the process and are beyond excited to move into your new home!



Our Design Philosophy:

We are modernists. Modernism not only guides our design aesthetic, but informs each and every step of our creative process. Modernism is not a “style” but a way of thinking, a rational approach to laying out a building that takes into account a structure’s relationship to the land + views, utilizes lots of natural light and air through operable planes of glass letting the outside in, and provides a calm ordered home to settle our hectic lives. Sounds like modernism might be a good fit for San Diego, right? Exactly.


We firmly believe in using common materials in a modern aesthetic. That sheet of plywood?  –  Yep, still 4×8 feet. We begin here. Maybe it was too many Legos as kids but we think in terms of a kit of parts. Sometimes we need to make something custom, but we do so because it benefits the project and budget rather than our egos. Sure we can clad your house in curved aerospace grade titanium for $1M per square foot, but we tend to think we are talented enough to create a beautiful and functional space without reinventing the wheel or spending the GDP of a small country.