the process no need to stress, we are with you at each step.

step 1: design
step 2: jurisdiction approvals
step 3: construction drawings
step 4: build
step 5: keys!
step 1: design
The design process is often described in three phases (pre-design, schematic design, design development), but it all amounts to getting to a design that you are excited about.
step 2: jurisdiction approvals
We create a basic drawing package that contains all required information and then we submit to your city’s Development Services Department for a building permit. Sometimes there are also design review bodies that have to approve the designs before we can submit for a building permit, such as California Coastal Commission. We handle all of these requirements and make sure you understand the process along the way.
step 3: construction drawings
Preparation of all required drawings to successfully build the project. While Building Departments would prefer that all construction drawings are part of the building permit submittal, its just not economically responsible. Considerable time can be spent deciding on particular aesthetic construction details, refining materials choices, and deciding the finer (and very important) design details – so we don’t want to spend all of these design hours on your project before we even know if we have city approval for the basic design.
step 4: build
Build the project; we perform construction administration (make sure everything gets built according to the design) to the extent outlined in the contract. This is of course a very important phase and we remain with you at each step to ensure that the beautiful design we all worked so hard creating is built properly.
step 5: keys!
As stated above, we are very involved at each stage of construction, but at the end of construction we walk the project with you and note any final remaining items that we or you are not happy with called a “punch list.” Once these items have been rectified we hand you the keys. Yep – just like on Extreme Home Makeover…. kind of.

So where do we start ?
If you like what you have seen so far and are wondering how to begin, we’d love to chat with you and see if we would be a good fit. Generally we like to start with about an hour conversation. We don’t charge for this, we just want to get to know you and your project.
Often times potential clients need the opportunity to talk with someone and find out what their project really entails before pulling the trigger. Sometimes this means the scope or timing is not quite right yet; we’re fine with that too. You won’t receive any pushy tactics here.
After this initial conversation we will digest all the info you provided, often do a bit of research (due diligence, city requirements etc), and write up a proposal outlining our fees with an idea on schedule and other pertinent info. Then if you feel confident after our discussions, we proceed with the project.
We hope to chat with you soon!